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An Open World meant for exploring

Primescape is a rich, exciting open fantasy world, where you as the player can explore in any direction and discover hidden secrets, lost treasure and terrifying monsters.


Monsters are fun. We’re creating a whole suite of unique, fascinating and diverse monsters for you to fight, evade, parley with or even employ. These monsters also have quests of their own.


We have built a range of interacting systems that magic can affect. You can move objects around, speak with animals and plants or control weather, just to start. 


Nothing quite feels the same as the joy of raking in some awesome loot. In addition to multiple currencies, gems, jewelery and art, a trove of magic items await, with powers that let you overcome the world in whole new ways. 


The world of Primescape has been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years, with many civilisations come and gone. Delve into secrets to find clues to new adventures and riches. But be careful – some secrets are well guarded.


Unprecedented freedom & control

Primescape prides itself of offering an extraordinary array of options to the player, so they can play any combination of race, class, abilties, powers and items. This allows every player to have a completely unique character for either solo play or multiplayer with friends or strangers.


Choose from Human, Elf, Dwarf, Minotaur or Goblin

100s of POWERS

Elemental spells, divination, destructive powerups and more


Be a fighter, cleric, monk, wizard, rogue, sorcerer, templar, barbarian, shaman or druid.

1000s of ITEMS

We offer players a plethora of items and enhancements to fully deck out your character

A sneak peek

We are still only early in our journey. However, here is a sneak peek into what we are building with Primescape – a gorgeous, reactive, open world, multiplayer fantasy RPG that we think will blow you away. 


Features of Primescape

Primescape features a suite of incredible mechanics and features. Here’s just a few:

Sunlight shining on an arch in a forest - Primescape fantasy RPG

Gorgeous, detailed environments

We pride ourselves on creating a stunning world for you to explore. From enchanted forests to perilous mines, snowy mountains to secretive gorges, Primescape will be a world worth exploring

Reactive systems

Primescape will be a systemic game – where we populate the realm with all manner of physical, chemical, magical and social aspects that all intereact with each other in different ways. It’s up to your imagination! 

User Generated Content

Not only will you be able to play the game we’ve created for you, but make your own fantasy game worlds, that you can then play by yourself or share others. Creating fantasy worlds has never been easier.